Why We Decided to Start a Blog

This post is a brief introduction into our thoughts and motivation around blogging and should provide some inspiration to everybody who ever considered starting a similar project.

When we first had the idea of writing a blog or newsletter, we started the mandatory consulting-101-market-research-understand-your-customer task and did the following analyses:

  • Existing tech newsletters and blogs and their success factors.
  • Potential target reader groups and their needs.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that there are thousands of tech blogs and news sites out there, all targeting some more or less broad or specific area. In addition, today’s digital natives have endless possibilities to get the information they need in terms of content quality, fast delivery of fresh news and state-of-the-art design, thus are a quite demanding audience.

All in all, for blog-newbies like us, not an easy terrain to walk on...

So Why Did We Still Decide to Start this Blog?

Here are three reasons why we still think that people will consume our content:

  • We believe we can still add value to the existing landscape of tech blogs. We think that a lot of the content out there is more or less a collection of information but is not doing justice to the complex and intertwined relationships of our current tech-centric world. Most content does not manage to provide a holistic 360-degree view of this world. We are aiming to provide these necessary analyses and big-picture thoughts for people in our immediate environment.

  • We see this blog as a unique chance to be more actively engaged in the subjects we deal with in our daily business. By writing about a topic, we are forcing ourselves to deeply dive into the material and look at it from all angles. We are no longer allowed to "superficially" understand something, but we need to be experts instead. This idea condenses down to one phrase:

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

This means connecting the dots and making our topics approachable to every reader will make us better engineers as well.

  • Lastly, we simply enjoy writing and we see this as a great opportunity to connect and exchange ideas and thoughts with our friends and fellows.
What Will Our Topics Be About?

On intellify.us, we will write about topics if some fortunate circumstances come together:

First, we discover subjects which deserve some special attention, may it be a hot trend in the mobility industry, a key research topic in machine learning, or an outstanding business concept. Sometimes, we will spice our posts with own opinions and personal experiences.

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving & Robotics, Start Ups & Tech Businesses, Personal Opinions and Experiences
Summary of topics at Intellify.us

Second, we are able to add meaningful value to the existing coverage of the topic. Instead of recycling existing content, we aim to fully understand the matter and highlight new perspectives.

And finally, we feel excited to write more blog posts if you, dear readers, interact with us. Consider our articles as catalysts for discussions, share your thoughts and knowledge with us and don’t hesitate to give us your honest feedback.