Richard completed his B.Sc. in Engineering Science from TU München and is currently pursuing his M.Sc. in Automotive Engineering at TU München. He is currently doing his Master Thesis at Mercedes Benz Research North America in Palo Alto. If you want to stalk professionally, click here.

Nikolaus graduated with a B.Sc. in Engineering Science from TU München and with a M.Sc. in Engineering from Stanford University. His main professional focus is applied machine learning and AI for spatio-temporal domains and time series, large scale data mining, challenging optimization procedures and deep learning. For more, visit here.

Richard and Nikolaus both know each other from their studies at TU München and are year-long climbing buddies and friends. They managed climbing adventures in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy & the United States and are always interested in exchanging ideas and thoughts about tech & non-tech topics.